Friday, December 13, 2013

Joy Ride Gone Wrong

In Los Angeles, when a thirteen year old boy took his sister’s Nissan Frontier out for a “joy ride,” things went terribly wrong. He collided, head on, with a postal truck. The postal worker was inside the truck at the time. When she saw the car coming at her she braced for impact. She was thrown from the truck and the truck fell to its side on top of her lower half. It took six residents to lift the truck off the postal work her and free her. Officials say the woman suffered multiple spinal fractures, a dislocated hip and cuts to the head. A water geyser was also shooting water into the air flooding the sidewalk. The thirteen year old boy is currently being held on charges of felony hit-and-run.

If he did not flee the scene of the accident (police say he was on scene), this charge would be inappropriate. However, he could still be charged with other offenses such as: Felony Vandalism (PC594(a)(1), or Felony Car Theft ( VC 10851). 

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