Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oh No, My Child Was Arrested, What Should I Do?

Oh no, my child was arrested, what should I do?

Hire an Attorney!!

Why is it so important to hire an attorney ASAP...

Why is it so important to hire an attorney ASAP, versus having a public defender appointed or waiting until the first day in court?
  • The case needs to “start” as soon as possible. The wheels need to move immediately! Research and investigation need to be done and statements need to be obtained that possibly the police did not get or know about. When time passes people forget, they get afraid, and they do not want to be involved in the matter. For example: A friend of your child’s or a witness who was there, but not interviewed because the police felt there was already enough information with other witness statements to move the case along.

  • Often times the Police will not take statements from every witness. There could be a friend or witness that supports your child whom the police did not interview. It is important to gather evidence that will support your child, and present that to the District Attorney. It is possible with other evidence presented, outside the police report, the District Attorney will not file charges against your child, or file lesser charges than they were originally going to file.

  • Grades and school attendance need to be gathered for a detention hearing. To consider releasing your child from Custody the judge will want to note the child’s grades, school attendance and family history. That information is harder to gather if you just arrive to court without an attorney, or an attorney who was just assigned to your child’s case the morning of court. This information can be the difference between your child being detained, pending the case or being released home.

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